Busy with Flowers

I was busy with my pots and flowers yesterday…. To change their soil and to plant new sprouts… etc.

1) This ivy is  coming from many years ago… When I got married, a lady gifted me. Because she knew how much I loved the idea in her home. She put ivy leaves in crystal vase into the water and let  them to grow in there… but needs light… It was standing on her tea table and so beautiful… I did the same in my home too, in the kitchen even in the bathroom, there are always these ivy leaves in a glass vase into the water… But it grows and gives so many leaves too. So I plant some of them in a pot with soil of course… as this one… I love this ivy, and it is a great memory too for me, because the lady who gifted she is not with us anymore…

2) My flower fairies… 🙂

3) A tiny sprigs with pink flowers…

4) These are new…. I hope they live…

5) I love flowers… dried and yes artificial too. There was a lovely shop in Milano, where I lived, Piazza Udine. This is from there…

6) ah… these are waiting for me… my new project: table cloth! With flowers patter… and will be connected with crochet work… but when I don’t know. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Busy with Flowers

  1. Sweet ivy memories. ;)I love those little flower fairies, and your wooden cat. I also have one. 😉 You do such beautiful work, nia, and I’m sure those cloths will be wonderful when you’ve done the crochet. The cacti are so pretty when they’re flowering, and I hope the flowers last a long time for you.

  2. I love flowers as well. And the ivy–how nice to have a memory of your friend attached to the wonderful plant.

  3. You know I love cats… 🙂 As I said to dear Rob, this is my crazy world… I love to make something in craft or in creative world… But I am the one who can’t stay on one subject for a long time… so there are so many different things that make me busy… But sure, photography never changes, it is the head of my works…About cactus, I don’t expect them to flower but it would be so nice Thank you dear AD, love, nia

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