12 thoughts on “Pillow Art / 2

  1. I wanted to ask the same question.. Nia where you live is your day longer than ours.. we have 24 hours in our day looking at all you do I’d say yours has at least 36…

  2. Ok, I think I should explain my day now 🙂 There is not msytery!

    I woke up this morning at 10 o’clock
    and then I made some houseworks, etc.
    At 11 o’clock I started to make these pillows…
    By the way, the technical service arrived here for our alarm system there was problem
    and then I went on to make these pillows…
    I took cat pictures and was busy with photoshop and also loaded them to my blog…
    I made myself tea and eat something 🙂
    and during half past four in the afternoon the pillows finished.
    My neighbour came to me to learn crocheting from me… and we had a lovely time with her till six o’clock
    and I prepared the dinner…
    After dinner I am here now… 🙂 But then I will go on to knitt my sister’s summer sweater… and later I will come back again to read your blogs and for my comments…
    I usually go to bed tooooooooooooo late… 🙂 yes, I sleep less…

    But I am a impatient to finish the things…

    Thank you dear Rob, love, nia

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