It is 03.07 early in the morning in here. And still the weather is very hot and also so humid too… I can feel myself like a candle 🙂 melting as in the church…

My air-conditioner seems that works but not enough… it was enough in last years but this summer something changed…

A few minutes ago the drummer passed from the street. I know you are asking now, what is this? This is actually traditional way to inform us for the pre-dawn meal time (during Ramadan)… In the old days there were drummers walking in the streets with playing their drums to inform the people from their sleep. Today there is no need this because we have clocks, watches, etc. but this custom goes on traditionally…

I tried to knit my sister-in-law’s summer sweater, actually she was knitting but she is very busy because of her new house and I offered to her that I could make for her. I love knitting… and I can’t sit without anything while I am watching television… So it is being so nice to knit. What I watch(ed) of course London Olympic games… There are incredible sportmen and we will remember them all… London is great and did a great organization.

Yes, this is what I knit now…




20 thoughts on “Knitting

  1. I love the colors Nia. And I hope you continue to enjoy watching the Olympics. I can’t believe they will be ending soon. It has been so much fun!

  2. Thank you dear TBM, I enjoyed so much this year to watch Olympics… (it was sad for us because not a gold medal) Yes, how passed the time and will be ending soon… But I wonder the final show too 🙂 By the way the cyclist Bradley Wiggins fascinated me, he is great. Love, nia

  3. Lovely knitting, dear Nia, your sister is very lucky!
    Kaya and my husband are near Mersin on holiday now, they say it is very hot. It would be too much for me, instead I am at home and knit, and watch Olympics 🙂

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