Shoes and Women

Many years ago, yes, I was a young lady, I was wearing high heel shoes. But today, I can’t believe how I was wearing them! Because I can’t wear today and even I don’t know how to walk… It is hard to remember now  how I was walking, even running and going up and down at the stairs… I smile now, because to wear them like to climb Himalaya for me 🙂 Probably I break my bones… What changed?

I think more than ten years, I wear much more comfortable shoes, and to everywhere… like this one 🙂


But as all women, I love shoes… high heel shoes… I try to remember my childhood days, I wasn’t a child like most children, like this one,


On the other hand, shoes are the important part of wearing… They complete the style of a woman…

Famous shoe designers of the stars, Salavatore Ferragamo with Audrey Hepburn… She is the most beautiful woman of all times…


and they say today’s one of famous shoe designers is Christian Louboutin,



and some more shoes from different designers,






258745941060862426_UzZUtYLT_b 278871401896781310_KdZaOGbD_c


architectural shoes




7 thoughts on “Shoes and Women

  1. I love shoes too Nia. But now I no longer wear all the crazy ones. It is better for me to now buy she that I can walk long distances in and stand in for long periods of time. Doesn’t stop me from enjoy pictures of shoe designs though 🙂

  2. Some wired and wonderful shoes .. you know how much I love my shoes …. if I want a pair from here … I would go for the first high heels picture – Christian Louboutin! Just lovely .. but a bit too high for me.

  3. I’m partial to the pink hightops I think Nia! Several others are quite gorgeous but seem not to belong on a foot for long (unless perhaps those feet are sitting down!)

  4. I LOVE shoes! I really like the shot of the skull lace skirt. I have a hard time with the heels too, plus they make me about 6’3″. Not good for these old bones but they are all great “sitting for dinner & walking to the parked car” shoes.xoxo

  5. Hi Nia, I think every women love shoes like no tomorrow. 🙂 I LOVE and crazy over shoes. I still wear 3 inch heals but not those crazy heels. LOL
    Thanks for sharing this interesting posting. I love the 4th shoe picture.

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

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