Alexander McQueen

The Legacy of Alexander McQueen

(1969 – 2010)

He was great fashion designer… His creations fascinate me always….

alex 20


alex 13

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6 thoughts on “Alexander McQueen”

  1. Nia, I totally agree .. with you – if I had the body and the money – I would wear his beautiful garments sometimes, it’s not an everyday wear – he did the most wonderful garments … and they still carry on in his spirit. Stunning pieces, but you have to be a very special woman to carry them off. The details are so exquisite. Thanks for sharing all this beauty. Breathtaking. Have a great weekend now.

  2. He was such a master of the intricate and subtle detail balanced with showstopping extravagance–a very hard combination to conquer. Thanks for sharing these photos!

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