Another Exciting Project: Fabric Journal

I have met with a wonderful art… yes, it is almost art. With fabric, lace, photographs, beads, ribbons,….etc. Fascinated me.

Most of you can remember this, I love to write on paper with pencil or on notebooks… And I have journals always… And so many other notebooks that I write… But at the end there is filled notebooks… and it is not good to waste them. Some of them I keep but some of them are my studying notes, etc. not necessary anymore. So this project fascinated me because of this too. I will turn my old and unnecessary notebooks to a fabric journal.

Actually I started to make a cover at first… But now, I am planning to make its pages too ๐Ÿ™‚ Here are my first try with the fabric cover,



And these are the inspirational fabric journals that I found on Google and fascinated me.



110197522101827169_dSEgjS8e_c 159666749259334322_momsEEqT_c







frenchbook4 IMG_0156






7 thoughts on “Another Exciting Project: Fabric Journal

  1. Lovely .. you’re so talent and you have such an eye for details and beauty – my pick would be the top one with the dress on and the hearts in green. Lovely – lovely .. pretty – pretty.

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