Under A Topaz Sky

This block started out over 18 months ago as an experiment with rusting pins.  I loved the result, especially as it gave me two sides: one with spots…

Rusted pins block 1

…and one with stripes.

Rusted pins block 2

Sometimes too much choice is a bad thing… But I wanted to include this piece in my rusting quilt and a choice had to be made.

This side:

Rusted pins block 3

I think the lines just had a bit more strength to stand up to the seeding. The variegated metallic Madeira is a bit of a recurring theme but it works so well with the rusting.

Then turquoise chips to go along the central curve.

Rusted pins block 4

I found a pot of assorted turquoise and gold beads that I think must have once been a necklace, but where on earth they came from, I can’t remember (a little voice from afar whispers, “…eBay…”) and a piece of mottled commercial rusty-coloured cotton and combined them…

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