So I have this thing for Boden A-line printed skirts, right. I already own three, yet every Winter I get a craving for another colourful, patterned skirt. It only happens in Winter, as Boden’s Winter A-line skirts are of a thicker cotton and the lining is silk (okay, probably a shiny polyester but it looks like silk) that doesn’t cling to tights. Their Summer skirts have a cotton lining that does not work well with tights (if you are as white pasty as I am you need flesh coloured tights in Summer) so I only buy their Winter skirts.

This year, the craving was for the Navy Flower Power skirt. I loved it so much, I even pinned it one of my Pinterest boards the moment I saw it online.

boden flower skirt

It’s as if it was made for me. The colour, the design, the everything! Only problem is that it was a bit pricey at £45…

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