In The Kitchen Today

Kitchen is my best place in the home but I can’s say the same thing about my cooking 🙂 But not too bad…


Why Homemade Yogurt?

Like most things homemade, yogurt you make yourself is just better:

  • It tastes better
  • It’s better for you (no preservatives, sugar or chemicals added)
  • It’s less expensive
  • There’s no packaging waste

Tips and trick of making a good yogurt, first to have a good  plain yogurt (as a starter) and the second point is the temperature…

If your starter is being good and also if you make the heat correct, your yogurt will be so delicious…

For a few months I haven’t made yogurt, because my starter gone… So I needed to find a good starter again. As I told, this is important. This week my yoga teacher friend sent me a jar of yogurt (as a starter)… I was so happy for this. (By the way, can’t be so good the yogurts (as being a starter)  that you buy from the markets. It makes watery… and I don’t like and also not real healthy one. Everything should be homemade, naturel, farm product, etc.

At the beginning turn on your oven to 100°…. Later when it gets 100° close the oven. DO NOT FORGET to turn off.

It will get cool until you are ready. (it will be 20°)….

I used one bottle of milk… (it is the best in here) and I boil it at least 15 minutes… Don’t worry it’s going to decrease by boiling…

Then leave it to get cool… its temperature should be like you give it your baby to eat…

While waiting it to get cool, you can prepare the starter…

In a small bowl, 2 or 3 table spoon add plain yogurt (that you take from the fridge) and leave it to reach room temperature…

Then when the milk get cool, take a few table spoon milk and mix with the plain yogurt in the bowl,

You make ready a bowl for yogurt (I use as you can see pot (earthenware))

Fill it with milk and then pour by mixing slowly  with plain yogurt into the milk…

Close the pot with thin transparent sheet and also wrap with a table cloth and put it to the oven (be sure not being ON”…remember you made it 100° and then you left it to get cool as 20°… and now let the yogurt pot with wrapped table cloth in the oven for at least 8 hours… Then you can take it into the fridge and eat… I use my oven for making yogurt too… even I have a yogurt machine too but it doesn’t have enough cup so, in this way I can make more… the trick in here, yogurt needs to be left in 20°… some ovens starting from 20° but usually starts from 50° but not a problem as you can see, I can find the exact temperature by doing this…

Bon appetite!

5 thoughts on “In The Kitchen Today

  1. I’ve never tried making yogurt before. If I’m successful, Nia, I promise to share a picture of the yogurt with you. Thanks for the recipe. 😉

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