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Kirsty Whitlock

Kirsty Whitlock


The Soup of Cold Winter Days “Tarhana”

Tarhana is a traditional Turkish soup, cereal food consisting of flour, yoghurt, and vegetables fermented then dried. It is consumed as a soup by mixing it with with stock or water.

About “Tarhana” and how it is prepared from the summer days for winter.

In every village you can find Tarhana for using in winter days. And you can find different taste when you visit the different regions in the Anatolia.

Today I cooked a soup, Tarhana.

Photographs are from the “Mutfak Sırları” blog





Or should I title this post “Recycling”? 🙂 Because that is what I was doing lately. Recycling junk into gorgeous handmade paper:

$ 021

Oohhh I just love handmade paper! It is so textural, so lovely with those uneven edges, and when I think about how much “trash” went into it, saved from the bin, I feel very good. Sometimes I have to throw away junk mail and old newspaper, because there is not enough room in my studio for all the things I could use in paper making, and that always makes me feel bad. I guess it’s becoming an obsession,LOL!

I colored some of the papers with acrylic paint, but most of them are colored with tea, onion peel and coffee.


I also played with some blank papers. I made a strong tea with onion peel, poured that over the paper in a deep baking tray, putting onion peel and…

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