A couple of new outfits for Natalia

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I have been sewing a lot for my DT 18 year Natalia. I like the bigger size for sewing but do find her a bit awkward to handle. She is fun to pose too .

I made this outfit from an old apron . I love the fabric. My mother always had pretty aprons. It was fun to iron them and look at the fabric. Aprons aren’t what they used to be. I really don’t think the “be” at all anymore .I made her a pair of wedge heeled shoes. The toe feature works quite well. (the toe bends to fit a high heel shoe)



I made this from a linen dress. It looks so comfy and is quite sexy as well. Natalia has an awesome wardrobe already.


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Beaded reticulated leaf

Under A Topaz Sky

Now I’ve started to get the hang of reticulation, it’s actually quite hard to get the holes I was intially looking for, so when I produced this (mostly unholed)piece, I decided to cut shapes out and find ways of working them into jewellery.

Beaded leaf 1

My first idea was to cut circles and use them a bit like shishas, but the strong fan shape at the top was too tempting to resist, so I cut that out too.

Beaded leaf 2

A bit like half a leaf.

Beaded leaf 3

During the long drive home, I started to play with ideas involving using the metal as one side of the leaf and having the other side embroidered. To give a solid textured finish, I went for one of my favourite embroidery stitches, detached buttonhole stitch in hand dyed mercerised cotton on dark green silk dupion.

Beaded leaf 4

With the barrelled and polished brass section.

Beaded leaf 5

And with the stitching completed.

Beaded leaf 6

Long bullion knots had worked…

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