Different Places in my country / 2


Cappadocia, Turkey


Cappadocia, Anatolia

cesme 3 foto

Çeşme, İzmir

Courtyard decor in Sanliurfa, Turkey

Courtyard decor in Şanlıurfa, southeastern region

Kamondo stairs in Istanbul, Turkey

Camondo Stairs in Istanbul constructed by Camondo Family circa 1870-1880

Kibrislilar Yalisi, Kandilli, Istanbul. Stunning mosaic tile!

One of old residence at the Bosphorus… it is called like “Kıbrıslılar Yalısı” means The residence of Cyprians

Kırıkkale Keçili Köyü  Beautiful warm rich colours

The city “Kırıkkale”, Keçili köyü (the goat village) in the mid Anatolia

Turkey  KEMER by MustafaSEZER.devi   on @deviantART

Photograph by Mustafa Sezer on devinart…

3 thoughts on “Different Places in my country / 2

  1. All of these places are so beautiful! My favorite is the door and window – favorite subjects for me, and these are especially nice!

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