The Soul of Driftwoods

Driftwood sculpture by Erdogan Barlik

Another amazing sculpture, but driftwood-sculpture by Jeffro Uitto

Jeffro Uitto


17 thoughts on “The Soul of Driftwoods

      1. This is really not good, and I am so sorry but I found like that on Google search, Thank you for this information, I corrected now. Your works are amazing, I will visit again. With my love, nia

      2. Thank you nia, no worries it has gotten shared around quite a bit with this other guys name on it, thank you for the credit change.
        Take care

    1. I don’t know dear Scott, I searched to find more about Erdogan Barlik, yes, there are so many links about his sculpture but nothing about him… I hope it is genuine… Thanks and Love, nia

      1. Thank you once again and a big sorry for this. But I always check the owner and there was his name so I didn’t think anything could be wrong. But this is what a world! Not good and I can almost understand you. But by this way you have noticed this guy too. Your works are amazing, Love, nia

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