Travel With Me: “A dream is sweeter than honey”

I start with the Ukraine proverb… Yes, now a visit to this country.

Most of you know me, the travel starts from the heart of art… They lead me in this voyage. I love handcraft works and traditional things, folk art, etc. Ukraine women are amazing… Fascinated me their works.





Foto by Youry Bilak

Former Ukrainian president with his wife, ukrainian embroidery


Former Ukranian president with his wife, and Ukrainian embroidery (the price of freedom in their story)

Former 1st Lady of Ukraine wearing national embroidery

So beautiful….

4 thoughts on “Travel With Me: “A dream is sweeter than honey”

  1. Beautiful and colorful …. I have that Ukraine is fantastic country to visit – handsome president too. *smile Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes, he is handsome but he has a tragic story you can read on the link, his face changed. You are welcome dear Viveka, love, nia

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