Travel With Me : Dancing Little Lovely Feet

One of the bus drivers in Trondheim. The beard is real, and this is his uniform all december long.Well, i think i have to take the bus more often before christmas....


Photographer Laila Duran

Norwegian julbord



Norwegian Berggren trivits from the 1960's


norwegian embroidery



How adorable! Big brother teaching his baby sister to dance. - Nord-Trøndelag, Norway


How lovely they are… and I loved their costumes… norwe7

Per Krohg (1889-1965) Oslo City Hall norwe

Per Krohg (1889-1965) Oslo City Hall


10 thoughts on “Travel With Me : Dancing Little Lovely Feet”

  1. The copyright photos taken from my web-site are NOT from Norway. The embroidery is from Dala-Floda in Sweden and Christmas table are from Boda, this also in Sweden. Regards from the photographer Laila Duran

    1. Thank you for this information, I found on Google search and always I give the credit to the owners but sometimes there is not any address, so I am so glad to learn this, I will correct now. Love, nia

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