“semolina dessert” with fresh plum… so delicious…

1 kg milk, 9 table spoon semolina, ı table spoon sugar (if you wish, you can add more) and vanillia! Cook them until it becomes thicken, like pudding. And fill in a pyrex, or etc. and let it to stay in the fridge. When you serve you can add fresh plums or cherry with ice cream…



To Create Something Makes Me Feel Good

This is not art or an amazing work… Just makes me happy to paint something… There are some wooden boards and I tried to paint them… My hand is not as before I noticed this, seemed stopped… but still I enjoy to make paintings… nothing important for me is to be great or not… I say this because my love didn’t like of them… but I think he doesn’t understand behind this paintings… I don’t make for anyone; I make for myself, for my soul… I painted and then I took their pictures and then I played on photoshop too… he he he you can guess how bad originally more than this 🙂