I am Traveling At My Desk

…without passport, visa, luggage,…etc. These invisible web cords carrying me from here to another place, and then from there to the far places…

In last few weeks I am traveling around Nordic countries… Especially Norway. She has an amazing landscape… Fascinates me with mountains, sea like a river and architecture, and houses,…etc.  

Today one of my beautiful blogger friends, dear Melanie   took me to her voyage too trough her beautiful photographs, to a wonderful land….

One door is being opened then another one… and I was in Lofoten Islands ! I just wanted to share with you too,


Thank you dear Melanie….




6 thoughts on “I am Traveling At My Desk

  1. 5.30am, spring here, birds already a chattering, very chilly so hot coffee and I travelled to Lofoten. It was like having a beautiful dream. Thank you and Melanie. Xx

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