I Flew To Alaska

 “……..She felt tired… She has never flown such a long way.  It’s been almost  more than 10 hours. In this crowded airport, she was waiting…

          Who wants to fly in this crazy weather?

She saw him, he was looking at him. Then an office attendant came to her with a smiling face,

          Mrs. Nia?

          Yes, I am…

          Your plane is ready, come with me please!

She understood that the man who was talking about the crazy weather was the pilot of her plane. In her face there was a worried expression… But the pilot smiled to her.

          Don’t worry Lady, this is my joke !

She was the only passenger in this small plane, but there were cargo too. Then they took off from the Ted Stevens Anchorage International airport.  Watched the land… It was amazing and the weather wasn’t so bad too… The pilot really made a joke to her. She could see the river… Took some pictures…

When they arrived the Fort Yukon airport, it was getting dark… There was nobody to take her… and she didn’t know where to go… so she decided to wait for them, maybe there was a misunderstand about the time… She entered the small building of the airport, and there was a bank, she sat and rested on her luggage. Then she fall asleep there…

          Nia! Nia! Nia!


Last night I finished the book  “Prelude To Foundation” (The Foundation Novels), the first book of this series… It was the first time I read. Actually these books have waited for me such a long time… Isaac Asimov impressed me, especially with the ending part… Hummins… Hummins…

And I saw a dream last night after this book…. I was flying to Alaska…. I can’t believe I saw all the details as if it was real… Who knows! Am I going to Alaska in the future?

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