What A Beautiful Weather, Today!

– What a beautiful weather, today!

– It doesn’t seem to me beautiful….

– Are you crazy, look, as if we are in summer!

– But we are in the last days of autumn!!!!

– So…

– The ice on earth has been melting…

– How nice…

– How nice???????

– To be in this weather is what we all miss…

– You don’t know anything and you don’t understand! It is named Climate Change…

– Ohhhh no, I can’t listen to you, I can’t let myself to disturb my day.

– ……

She left her and went on to walk along the sea side in this “beautiful autumn day”, like a summer…

Looked behind her with a sad face… Nothing, there is nothing to say now… She went on to read the article “If all the ice melts on earth,….” by National Geographic…..

2 thoughts on “What A Beautiful Weather, Today!

  1. My WP Reader has totally changed (and messed up) how I look at and comment on other’s blogs and it is now not just difficult but close to impossible. Not sure what the problem is but if you don’t see me around for a while (or ever again) that’s the reason. Sorry.

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