weekly photo challenge – layers


My layers come from pieces of art by the amazing contemporary artist; Tara Dovovan, born in New York 1969 and working out of Brooklyn.
I had never heard about her before I visit Louisiana Museum of Modern Art  in Humlebæk, Denmark  – in the beginning of July this year together with my friend Iris. My post about my visit: a contemporary day in Denmark

Tara just blow the socks of me – with every piece in her show – the amount of work that have gone into every piece was just mind-blowing. She only uses every day materials. 

bluffs 2205

The first photo of layers is from her piece; Bluffs from 2005 – where she has glued small clear plastic buttons on each other layer after layer.

Plastic ribbons

Second piece has the title “Untitled”, 2008 and made of polyester film.

She also showed a wall made from translucent plastic drinking straws…

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