From Fashion To The Interior Design (Moschino)

Moschino Christmas

As I said in my previous post, Alexander Mc Queen is my favorite name in fashion world. I love his creations…

Moschino for me another favorite name but about window display… It is amazing. When I was in Milan, it was the most beautiful times to walk to there and to watch the windows… At that time there was “Alice in Wonderland” concept with white bunny 🙂 you can find in my Italy blog.

48-moschino-christmas-jacket Excelsior1 frog-prince---boutique-spiga-giugno-2011-4810646_0x420 Moschino final moschino1 moschino-christmas-2_fashionweekdai moschino-stamd-display tumblr_lwak0f21vO1qbry4c

But now I learn that Moschino is not only in faschion world, this was another amazing creations, fascinated me.

Hotel Maison Moschino, Milan,

7 8A5093C9 14ol-style-mosch-re_694790a 53-+0200-2 4345_maison_moschino_01 340661_3421152_18_b bedroom-petals-comp Maison Moschino Frankenstein 02-2010 hotel-milano-moschino-468x372 Hotel-Moschino_little-red-riding-hood IMG_1401_grande maison-moschino-room-collage milan-fashion-hotel-maison-moschino or_f9812df012808856618366



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