Twelve Days of Christmas: Rosemary and Pomegranate Gin and Tonics

Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide

We love the holidays and enjoyed celebrating 12 Days of Christmas so much last year that we’ve decided to do it again this year, starting….. Now! Most of the recipes will focus on the season’s staples — booze and sugar. This drink was inspired by a white sangria with pomegranate and rosemary we saw over at Bakeaholic Mama.

While we’re listing ratios for two, it’d be an easy recipe to scale to size. Wouldn’t it look so pretty in a punch bowl? If you’re feeling like something a bit stronger, you can make a simpler cocktail by blending three parts of the pomegranate juice to one and a half parts of the gin.

To make your own pomegranate juice, remove the seeds from a pomegranate and place in a sealed plastic bag. Crush with a crab mallet or rolling pin. Pour through a strainer. One pomegranate should yield about 1/2…

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