There is no King Under the Mountain, nor will there ever be!

“The Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug”

Once again Peter Jackson hits by his film of Hobbit… It was so enjoyable to watch his last film. But I should say, the real star of this film was “DRAGON”… fascinated me…. And also at first time while watching a film I wanted to take pictures 🙂 yes, there was so many beautiful pictures in the film. Great film.

With glasses you watch the film…. and really I felt myself in the film, in the forest… It is a great fantastic world to watch/to live this film.


10 thoughts on “There is no King Under the Mountain, nor will there ever be!

  1. It was amazing film… But you know there are two name for this amazing film, one is great writer J. R. R. Tolkien and the other one is Peter Jackson. When I read the book and when it finished I remember I really wanted to not to be ended.. I cried. Usually films based on novels, not being as good as their original written pieces… But when it is about Hobbit, we can see how great Peter Jackson about making a film based on a novel… As if they were together with Tolkien… I am sure you son will love too, but how is old, by they way, but should be more than 13…. As I told above, The Dragon fascinated me dear Al, if you like this series, I recommend you to watch it. Animations, whatever you call is great. Thanks and Love, nia

  2. My son is 17 (with the mind of a 13 year old) I have the Hobbit and I might get him to read that. I brought the extended version of the first one the other day. I love Jackson’s films.

  3. …. 🙂 You are a young father, that’s all what I can say… I hope he liked too dear Al, Blessing and Happiness to you all, love, nia

  4. Oh I’m not that young. I was quite an old father. I am closer to fifty than I am to forty.

    He said he thoroughly enjoyed the film and wants to see it again

  5. I think it would be better not to talk about ages 🙂 Reminds me how old I am!!!!!!!! But I am under 17…. I am glad to hear your son enjoyed. I can watch again…

  6. Yes. I am hoping I have the money to go before Christmas. If not, I will have to wait until it comes out on Blu-Ray

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