Wisely Experienced Music of Life Touching

22rd December, 2013 at 22.55 “STING” When The Last Ship Sails

on BBC One….


Sting who is one of my favurite musicians… I love his music and his voice…

In his last album (even I have just listened to a few now) seemed to me, almost different…. but beautiful, so beautiful… it is something like to reach to the top… It is not easy to explain or to express for me, but I try to find the exact word for his last album, the top where the  “wisely experienced music of life” touching….


5 thoughts on “Wisely Experienced Music of Life Touching

  1. I forgot to say, how I want and wish to watch/to listen to him on Sunday night at BBC One… I am looking for to find something for this. On their website I can’t… I asked them why… I hope I can listen to his concert. Love, nia

  2. Not a Sting fan as such … but I love same of his songs – but I couldn’t listen to a whole CD. And I like “The Last Ship” – not a program that I will be able to watch, because after this post I would have watched it.

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