Little House



The story behind  Toronto’s Little House

The Story Behind Toronto’s Little House

The Little House On The Pairie Musical

Little_House_Little House on the Prairie The Musical

4736436-hands-and-little-house-over-sky-background Little_House_in_Baka_P1140449

Little House Hotel in Jerusalem

Little House On The Pairie television series….


PHO2577 Photography Contests » Loneliness » Little house

The photography contests, Loneliness, little house

the-little-house-bed and breakfast england

Little House Bed & Breakfast, UK

7 thoughts on “Little House

  1. Grew up in a little house. Well, not quite that little. It was what is called in Texas a ‘Shotgun House’. No hallway, rooms, three or four, set one right after another, front room, bedroom, kitchen & back porch, straight through to the back. The theory being that a man could stand at the front door & fire his shotgun & hit everybody who might be home at the time…

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