Rosso Istanbul

“Rosso Istanbul” (Istanbul’s Red) , the new book of Turkish director Ferzan Özpetek, he says, ” “Non si dimentica il primo amore nella rossa Istanbul”. The book has  its place on the bestseller list. Tomorrow will be here too,…. I am excited now,…. He is one of my favurite film director but it will be first time to read his novel.


8 thoughts on “Rosso Istanbul

  1. Nia, I have a blog friend who has recently been in Istanbul. I’m going to send her this link, as I’m sure she’ll enjoy reading about it. thank you!

  2. I think, in Italy has been published in Italian language and in here, will be in Turkish language. I have just heard this book and tomorrow I want to buy. I hope and wish to find his novel beautiful as his films 🙂 I will write to you later again. Thank you, dear, love, nia

  3. They are showing a Turkish TV-series here in Sweden just now – have missed to many episodes before I found out.
    20 minutes – we call it .. and it’s a woman that is accused to have murdered a doctor. Now very little about Turkish film otherwise.

  4. And I, just a few minutes ago watched something in Euromaxx /DW The Capital city of Culture – Sweeden 2014…. I took some photographs from the screen, later I will try to create something with them through this subject… Thank you dear, have a nice day, love, nia

  5. Yes, Umeå … is the city of Culture this year … up in the North – with only a few hours of light during the winter, fantastic summers .. and it never goes dark.

  6. It’s up by the Polar circle … *smile Beautiful beaches and big forests of birch tree … the most happy place to live at – at least in the summer.

  7. I just try to imagine… Ah dear Viveka, how I wish(ed) to make a world voyage… 🙂 Be sure one of places that I want to travel you there… Love, nia

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