Vintage Exaggerations

When I made a post today in art section about exaggerations and details, I found a very interestion photographer, fascinated me his creative photographs. And now, I want to share with you all, I hope you find like me.

Who is he? He is William H. “Dad” Martin.… was a photographer and successful postcard manufacturer in the early 1900s. In 1894, Martin took over a studio in Ottawa, Kansas. He used photocomposited trick photography and in 1908, produced wildly exaggerated post cards for commercial trade. His range of cards were so popular that he went into the post card business exclusively. Within a few years, his trick photos made him wealthy. He sold the business in 1912, and founded the National Sign Company.

Photography Museum


1exag 2exag 4exag 5exag 7exag 8exag 9exag 10exag 11exag 12 exag 13 exag


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