Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders / Interiors & Building Projects

I have met him on television, art news  program of Euromaxx /DW… His amazing works and projects inspired me. I will share my inspired works too, but in here, I want to share his inspirational designs,

MW backgrounds_quasar MW dezeen_Marcel-Wanders-at-Moooi-showroom London Desig Festival

MW Dressed-by-Marcel-Wanders-for-Alessi

New collection of kitchenware called Dressed by Marcel Wanders for Alessi

MW marcel_wanders-design MW villa_moda_marcel_wanders_yatzer_15 MW villamoda_idf_may2007_cd16 MW villa-moda-by-marcel-wanders-villa_moda_merch-52 MW

2 thoughts on “Marcel Wanders

  1. Amazing art – Very romantic and contemporary on the same time. I love the Alessi pot – I love anything from Alessi. He is very handsome too

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