“Julia” (Jane Fonda)

It’s been such a long time for my first watching of this film. A few nights ago I watched once again… Jane Fonda one of my favurite artists, as Meryl Streep.  I am impressed once again with the story of this film… And this time, something, a detail hit me too 🙂 Old trains and the seats with lace… How beautiful it was. Have you watched this film?  I found its trailer on youtube, you can see the seat with lace…

and I tried to search on Google to find more,



And another one, in here I found,




3 thoughts on ““Julia” (Jane Fonda)

  1. I’ve not seen the film – it was released the year I moved back to the U.S. from Liberia, and I was otherwise occupied for a while – but it looks interesting. And it brought back memories of my first train ride. There wasn’t any lace, but the seats were burgundy horsehair, and the walls of the car were covered in a red flocked velvet. Memorable, to say the least!

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