I Don’t Believe She Was An Intruder

Do you watch/follow Oscar Pistorius Trial on CNN? Pistorius Trial Blog CNN

I watch and follow….

Nel is so clever and going well in details and questionings…

Do you think that Reeva was killed by accidently?

No, I can’t say this, my heart and my mind can’t say this… the truth is in details… and Nel will find it at the end…

If Pistorius killed her accidently, again he should be guilty!!!!

Gun shouldn’t be given to everyone… To use a gun has a rule… and we can see in all news in todays world, how people kill each other!!!!!

Actually gun should be banned…

I couldn’t stay far from this tragic story and wanted to share with you too.

4 thoughts on “I Don’t Believe She Was An Intruder

  1. I personally don’t believe guns should be banned, however, I don’t believe he killed her accidentally – I think it was intentional. I haven’t been watching the trial, but I don’t believe the story I’ve heard one bit.

  2. Yes, I can understand you about gun banned but at least should be a test or rule to have a gun and to use a gun. People why they buy guns, they want to protect themselve, yes, but do they know how to use it? On the other hand, we read everyday in different places and cultures many tragic events with guns!!!! In this event, everything seems to me so strange. It is tragically so sad for Reeva,…
    Thank you dear Koofa for sharing with me your thoughts. Love, nia

  3. It seems that the whole world is watching Oscar’s trial. I’m very sure he killed her in a fit of temper. The truth will come out in the end. How awful to be so famous when one commits such a crime. There is absolutely nowhere to hide from the Press. 😦

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