“I Know Butterflies Only”

  • 13 November 2014

    Seok Joo-myung’s 106th Birthday


    Seok Joo-myung (November 13, 1908 – October 6, 1950) was a Korean entomologist who made significant contributions to the taxonomy of the native butterfly species of Korea. He also became a noted linguist and pacifist

    He wrote a small dictionary Lernolibro de Esperato Kun Vortaeto 1947 because he was deeply involved in international peace movement to resist Japanese imperialism. He didn’t change his Korean name into Japanese name until liberation. he voluntarily transferred to the Jeju natural medicine laboratory in seoguipo, Jeju Island in 1943. while he had been working here for two years, he was fascinated by particularity of Jeju culture and absorbed in Jeju exploration. Six general books: Jeju dialect, Jeju population, Jeju document, Jeju essay, history of Jeju insect, and Jeju data, were published. These are valuable resources for Jeju study.

    After liberation, he, was in charge of zoology of the national museum. During the Korean War, he was mistaken as one of the North Korea’s Peoples army and got shot by a drunken man, in front of a theater in Seoul as he went to the national museum which was burnt by a bombing attack. It was said that just right before his death, he shouted “I know butterflies only!”


    Dr. Butterfly, JooMyung Seok

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