Recycled Glass Art

Recycled Glass Art 


Beautiful Television Series

Lark Rise to Candleford 

…watching again… and how many times, I don’t remember. It is so good to watch with beautiful messages…

Beauties, integrity, kindness… these are the golden points of life…

“There Laura spent many happy hours, supposed to be picking fruit for jam, but for the better part of the time reading or dreaming. One corner, overhung by a Samson tree and walled in with bushes and flowers, she called her ‘green study’.”
Flora Thompson, Lark Rise to Candleford

“Candleford Green was but a small village and there were fields and meadows and woods all around it. As soon as Laura crossed the doorstep, she could see some of these. But mere seeing from a distance did not satisfy her; she longed to go alone far into the fields and hear the birds singing, the brooks tinkling, and the wind rustling through the corn, as she had when a child. To smell things and touch things, warm earth and flowers and grasses, and to stand and gaze where no one could see her, drinking it all in.”
Flora Thompson, Lark Rise to Candleford

“When I am dead and in my head
And all my bones are are rotten,
Take this book and think of me
And mind I’m not forgotten.”
Flora Thompson, Lark Rise to Candleford

To Introduce A Poet

…. In this blogging world, you learn, you meet with new people and with their own worlds… But sometimes it’s being a journey at your desk… Today, when I visited his blog, I felt like that, It was almost a journey to a place where I didn’t know before… Ah you can’t believe but smelled just baked breads too… 🙂 Yesssssssssss….

The blogger I have met today, he is a poet actually. He lives and works as a baker in the Lorettohof above Zwiefalten in the Swabian Alb. My journey starts in here…  Of course, with a help of Google translator. He says that,

Because I sometimes work at night and can not sleep during the day often out of desperation I started this blog (and also that for once my unique observation and fabulous writing skills are unappreciated. My hobbies are: let your backyard margins and neck. The day verschlampern and gypsies around.

Klang LogBuch = sounds logbook