To Introduce A Poet

…. In this blogging world, you learn, you meet with new people and with their own worlds… But sometimes it’s being a journey at your desk… Today, when I visited his blog, I felt like that, It was almost a journey to a place where I didn’t know before… Ah you can’t believe but smelled just baked breads too… 🙂 Yesssssssssss….

The blogger I have met today, he is a poet actually. He lives and works as a baker in the Lorettohof above Zwiefalten in the Swabian Alb. My journey starts in here…  Of course, with a help of Google translator. He says that,

Because I sometimes work at night and can not sleep during the day often out of desperation I started this blog (and also that for once my unique observation and fabulous writing skills are unappreciated. My hobbies are: let your backyard margins and neck. The day verschlampern and gypsies around.

Klang LogBuch = sounds logbook

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