Who is Normal?

It is funny… yes funny. I am talking about some people, they don’t have anything to do, and they are busy with me! Actually not with me, with what I make… with my life style, etc….




We live right now in  summer days… The temperatures seem in between 30 – 36 C degrees… And also the humidity is high in here, I mean in the village at the Black Sea coast. I am an active person, can’t stay without doing anything… but even without doing anything you get sweaty in this weather… I change my clothes sometimes three times in a day… So it means I wash somethings every day in here… My balcony has always washings…Because I can’t bear the thought of putting on yesterday’s sweaty clothing!!  I wash anything that I’ve perspired in, for me it’s just hygiene.. And I like to smell nice with clothes too… And even I don’t smoke…

bannon fu


cardboard favela

carolynn doan

I am talking all about these details because some of people in here, talking about my every day washings… For them I am such a person who is very , very much concerned about cleanliness and keeping things hygienic….. BUT I am normal… What they make and offer me, not to wash them every day. And to wear them next day too,… and another next day too… Even they all smoke!

I am a busy one… In a day I have so many things to do… I don’t have  time for chat or for wasting time… I am busy in my home… with my art, (most of them you know), I make all my house works by myself, I don’t have any helper… I make my own marmalade, etc. in the kitchen… And I am crazy to spend time for all these works, for them. And also this is a kind of problem of my soul to be like that for them… BUT I am normal… What they make all day long… chatting, playing game, smoking,… briefly to do nothing…

I can write some more about me and the people around me… But I stop now. I am sure you almost see the picture… I don’t appreciate what they are thinking about me… I am not living for them or according to them… BUT I am thinking this, why I am so alone in my life… (of course there are my love, my cat, my son, my daugther and Mr. Can, and my blogger friends…)

Now I am going to hang my washings 🙂 There is a lovely wind… It will dry soon…


One thought on “Who is Normal?

  1. i smiled at your multiple laundries. I have the same issue now, since it is so hot, and I’m really quite damp after only a couple of hours of work. I also change clothes at least twice a day, and sometimes more. It’s better to be comfortable than to worry what others might think!

    I love the photo of the woman hanging clothes with the wind blowing. That actually looks refreshing — wonderful!

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