Every year I try to find a concept for my New Year dinner table. This time, the colour of “blue” I wanted to be ahead on the table…  And another point I painted the glass like making marbling. But it was an easy way and so enjoyable. What you need, colourful nailpolishes (whatever you like), a bowl full of water, and glass cups (what you want to paint)… You pour the nailpolishes one by one into the water and then with a stick you can mix, then you put the glass bottom into this colourful water. Take out and wait for a few minutes like that then you can leave it by putting upside down to dry… but be sure when it is not flowing…. Of course, if you want to use them, you have to make them hand wash.











7 thoughts on “Marbling

  1. Wow! This is brilliant! But nailpolish has such as strong odour- I guess we have to wash it really well!

  2. Of course, you leave them to dry and let the odour gone… you should make it a few days ago before using. but you can use it, after you have to make handwash… because you paint the bottom of the glass… Thank you, love, nia

  3. Yes, exactly! I found on internet. You should try, as you mentioned, we all have lots of nail polish and also some old glass things too… it shouldn’t be to a glass cup, could be a vase or bottle, anything else. Good Luck, Thank you, love, nia

  4. This really is interesting and pretty. Such a creative idea you’ve shown us. I have a friend who enjoys easy craft ideas that make a big impression. I am going to show her this — I think she’ll try it.

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