My (unfinished) Socks

I love knitting… and remember, I started to learn knitting socks! But nothing went good.. I mean correct… I did again and again from the beginning… But what happened then, I solved the key how to knit socks with 5 needles…. yihuuuuu… But still there is not a pair of socks… there are single socks… my practice…


But I should add this too, this lady helped me so much, with her videos I am learning, without knowing German language 🙂

By the way yesterday I found another way too, without 5 needles… This time with magic loop… It is amazing and seems so easy than 5 needles,

I want to try with this one too..



11 thoughts on “My (unfinished) Socks

  1. yessssss 🙂 without knowing! But she is making and I can see/understand very well… She really did a great job by these videos dear Simmis Mama, Thank you dear, I hope and wish everything is fine in your side. Love, nia

  2. I think this magic loop must be the same as the circular needles my mother used. She made socks with them, and for the first time, after saying she couldn’t make socks!

  3. Today you wrote such an important post of knitted presents. I knit, like you, when watching TV and I gave also knitted presents. My friends thought I gave them something cheap, and don’t give them anymore. We knit socks with five sticks, we have quite an easy way to knit them.
    Let’s continue knitting, my friend nia.
    Have a beautiful day.

  4. Thank you so much dear Kristiina, you are right. No one around me is knitting and also no one appreciate too… even my daugther too… I knitted many projects to my grandsons but she didn’t appreicate them all, they were all % 100 wool and she washed them in washing machine in high temperature, they all gone now… Can you believe this, still I keep my son’s knitting clothes (he is now more than 30 years old)… And also I made some stitch-cross table cloth and also crochet table cloths… I never saw that she used them, at least when we visited them… for a nice dinner table… Her plates that we picked together in İstanbul and I made a stitch-cross table cloth in a harmony with her plates.. It was amazing… Makes me so sad… and also took my energy too, I didn’t want to make anything… but now I started to knit for myself again… Thank you dear Kristiina, Have a nice day (how I wished to be neighbour…) Love, nia

  5. nia dear, to be your neighbour would be great, we could sit, knit, watch TV and talk…
    Now I am also knitting to myself and my hubby likes the socks I knit, because they fit perfectly.
    People don’t understand how long time it takes to knit something, and there is so many more aspects with making with own hands, it is really done with heart. Why to make something beautiful as a gift, if they are just rubbish to someone.
    I couldn’t think life without knitting.

  6. Dear Kristiina, they are so beautiful, once I learned to knit socks but I should make a practive for remember, I can’t choose which one… Thank you so much, so much, Love, nia

  7. I am so glad to hear all about you dear Kristiina, you are exactly what I dream about a friend/neighbour, but in any case I found you, no matter on blog world. Thank you so much, have a nice knitting days and autumn, who knows maybe we meet one day… Love, to you all, nia

  8. Maybe we meet some day, I would love it. Many Finnish retired people stay over winter there, because it is so much warmer there. They mostly live in Alanya.

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