My (unfinished) Socks

I love knitting… and remember, I started to learn knitting socks! But nothing went good.. I mean correct… I did again and again from the beginning… But what happened then, I solved the key how to knit socks with 5 needles…. yihuuuuu… But still there is not a pair of socks… there are single socks… my practice…


But I should add this too, this lady helped me so much, with her videos I am learning, without knowing German language 🙂

By the way yesterday I found another way too, without 5 needles… This time with magic loop… It is amazing and seems so easy than 5 needles,

I want to try with this one too..



4 thoughts on “My (unfinished) Socks

  1. yessssss 🙂 without knowing! But she is making and I can see/understand very well… She really did a great job by these videos dear Simmis Mama, Thank you dear, I hope and wish everything is fine in your side. Love, nia

  2. I think this magic loop must be the same as the circular needles my mother used. She made socks with them, and for the first time, after saying she couldn’t make socks!

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