Science Fiction

Around the World in Eighty Days” and more,… of Jules Verne, I can’t imagine  anyone who didn’t read his books.  He was (as they called) the father of science fiction. But today, not makes the same effect, or touches… Because things changed in the world. We know the moon better than the past… and we fly, travel all around the world… and not only in the world, in the universe too… Modern science and technology are being improved always, so it’s been a light or an inspiration for modern science fictions too…  Maybe we haven’t  used a transporter as in the teleportation machine used in the Star Trek universe. But we have cell phones today… 

Why am I talking about science fiction, I can hear, you are wondering. Have you watched “The Ex Files”… It is back but not good as the first season… Yes, It’s fun to see Mulder and Scully back in action, but the scenario is not good for me… And sometimes it seems so nonsense and not meeting with modern science… You know there is a very thin line between reality and science fiction… if you lose this balance it could turn to a child stories… But on the other hand I can see that the subject mostly is being around the genetic science… As most of writers in last years, like to write about genetics.

As I mentioned above, science fiction goes along the modern science development… For me science fiction should be like a  kite, one leg on the ground, the other one in the sky…

Modern science is amazing… I can’t catch them… so many things change and improve in human world. A few weeks ago I heard that scientists can genetically modify human embryos. WOW! in my mind there are million questions now… but most of them philosophical, on the other hand,  to be able to do this, to where will take us, I wonder now.

As in the news, British researchers get green light to genetically modify human embryos. Of course this is a great  achievement, but brings so many discussions too… Science fiction’s writers should be following all these changes and improvements… But not “Ex Files” writer team… Made me disappointed.


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