What’s Happening?

I noticed on internet, there are a lot of people talking about “Flat Earth”!!!! Yes, they say that the earth is like a disc… Oh my God! People, could it be bored in this old earth and trying to find something exciting… or, all these things really say something to us, do we know all wrong… but why… Actually, all these physical science points can show something, and can be discussed, but not with me, because I don’t have any idea, and I am not a physician and scientist too… But on what I can think, it is much more philosophical… Why earth was accepted round, or why earth is being talked now about its shape, that is flat… Ok, supposing that the earth is flat… What will be? There are two parts in this point for me, one is, everything was a fake… everything was wrong… the second one is, what is the reason behind of this amazing explanation, and what kind of story we have, we had, we will have…

My mind confused… Flat or round, nothing will change for me, for us, but as I tried to mentioned, what is the story of all these things… and why. as if we went to back, to  the years of the discussions about earth… 🙂




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