Franz Schubert

FERDINAND: On the very evening before his death, though only half conscious, he said to me: ‘I implore you to take me to my room, not to leave me here, in this corner under the ground; do I not deserve a place above ground?’ I answered him: ‘Dear Franz, rest assured, believe your brother Ferdinand in whom you have always trusted, and who loves you so much. You are in your own room, and lying on your bed.’ And he said: ‘No that is not true: Beethoven is not lying here.’ Could this be anything but an indication of his inmost wish to repose by the side of the master he so greatly revered?


“For long years I felt torn between the greatest grief and the greatest love. . . . Whenever I attempted to sing of love, it turned to pain. And again, when I tried to sing of pain, it turned to love. Thus were love and pain divided in me.”
Franz Schubert

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