Art world and the beautiful messages behind them, always fascinate me. And creavity is an endless sea, never finishes, or stops… People of the countries, who live in this amazing world, I am sure, they are lucky. The spirit of the society are being feeded and promoted… The most beautiful part of the art is to share and to keep the power of humanity in all good and sad events,…. Without art can’t be alive human, society, country,…And they are the one who have to keep the art alive, and free, I mean the governments… without any privilege, without any discriminating, because art is free… but of course, we can’t talk about freedom of art  where people are not free…

These ceramic poppies fascinated me… visually  and philosophically… The thought behind this is great too.







5 thoughts on “ART

  1. Absolutely stunning …. I would have loved to see all the poppies by London bridge .. every poppy had an owner and they were packed down one by one and sent back their owners. Glad they have started it again, but it should be a remembering for all wars.

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