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Agatha Christie


…. so many years ago, it was summer time… I was a teenage girl. And I saw the books of Agatha Christie in our neighbour’s home. I heard her name but didn’t read yet. And her books weren’t in my Dad’s library too. (actually it was a very rich library and I read all classic books in there)… Anyway I really wanted to read these books and I asked the lady if I could take them for to read… She let me but without damage the books… I promised. How I was happy I can’t explain… All summer days I read Agatha Christie’s books. I can say it was one of my unforgettable summer holiday.  Today, I noticed that in my own library I haven’t her books… Why? Because I read them… But why to be like that. I really want to read them again, after many ten years then 🙂 So added to my book list…

I love her… I love her books…



Agatha Christie, surrounded by some of her 80-plus crime novels.




Music, Sandscapes, and Sufi/Dervish

Bab’Aziz: Le prince qui contemplait son âme (English: Bab’Aziz: The prince who contemplated his soul), often abbreviated to Bab’Aziz, is a 2005film by Tunisian writer and director Nacer Khemir. It stars Parviz Shahinkhou, Maryam Hamid, Hossein Panahi, Nessim Khaloul, Mohamed Graïaa, Maryam Mohaid and Golshifteh Farahani. It was filmed in Iran and Tunisia.


Bab’Aziz – The Prince Who Contemplated His Soul is the story of a blind dervish named Bab’Aziz and his spirited granddaughter, Ishtar. Together they wander the desert in search of a great reunion of dervishes that takes place just once every thirty years. With faith as their only guide, the two journey for days through the expansive, barren landscape. To keep Ishtar entertained, Bab’Aziz relays the ancient tale of a prince who relinquished his realm in order to remain next to a small pool in the desert, staring into its depths while contemplating his soul. As the tale of the prince unfolds, the two encounter other travelers with stories of their own–including Osman, who longs for the beautiful woman he met at the bottom of a well, and Zaid, who searches for the ravishing young woman who fled from him after being seduced by his songs. A fairytale-like story of longing and belonging, filmed in the enchanting and ever-shifting sandscapes of Tunisia and Iran.