Agatha Christie


…. so many years ago, it was summer time… I was a teenage girl. And I saw the books of Agatha Christie in our neighbour’s home. I heard her name but didn’t read yet. And her books weren’t in my Dad’s library too. (actually it was a very rich library and I read all classic books in there)… Anyway I really wanted to read these books and I asked the lady if I could take them for to read… She let me but without damage the books… I promised. How I was happy I can’t explain… All summer days I read Agatha Christie’s books. I can say it was one of my unforgettable summer holiday.  Today, I noticed that in my own library I haven’t her books… Why? Because I read them… But why to be like that. I really want to read them again, after many ten years then 🙂 So added to my book list…

I love her… I love her books…



Agatha Christie, surrounded by some of her 80-plus crime novels.




One thought on “Agatha Christie

  1. One of my favourites too.I have always wondered how such a benign gentle lady can come up with such absobing tales of mystery..Have you read her autobiography?Fascinating as the lady herself.

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