Big Börek Chef

But before his record, he sent börek (savory pastry with spinach) to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, but the palace security didn’t acccept his börek 

Hasan Acar, the owner of a bakery in the northwestern province of Bursa, on June 3 began preparing a 2,023-meter-long börek (savory pastry) in order to break the world record for the longest pastry, and in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic.

The goal is to break the previous record, set with a 105-meter, 10,000-portion pastry that was made in 2009 in Hungary, Acar said. Acar used 650 kilograms of flour, 350 liters of butter, 1200 eggs, 45 kilograms of salt, and 900 kilograms of cheese, potato, minced-meat and spinach fillings in the 2023-meter-long pastry.

A team of some 250 people began working on the börek on a string of connected tables at the Atatürk Congress and Culture Center on June 3, finishing June 4. The finished pastry will make 40,000 portions, Acar said, and after the börek is registered, the portions will be distributed to 40,000 people in nursing homes, women’s shelters, and orphanages.

Hasan Acar also sent börek to the space too 🙂 but the balloon exploded at 39.000 meters and fell down with a parachute…


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