“Hand Spinning”

A few days ago, I was busy with routine daily home works. You know, winter is soon and all summer clothes are going to put away. Instead of them, winter clothes are taking place in wardrope. Every year, I try to check the clothes, what we wear and what we don’t wear. Most of them hand made (knitting, etc.). And what we don’t wear anymore, I give them for charity, donate for who needs them. But this time, one of them, in my hands looked at me! I don’t know why but I didn’t give it. But the reason was not, not  to have the heart to give it. Just something reminded me, it was nostalgic. Maybe so many people don’t remember this.


My grandmother, in the old days, sometimes she ripped off (disjointed ? ) an old sweater that she knitted. And made a new hank yarns. Then she washed them, dried  them between towels, but if it is summer, she hangs them outside…  Then she knits a new one, a new project…




So this blue sweater went to this process with me. It was amazing… Took time but it was a joy of hand spinning. I will knit again… what or to who, I don’t know now.

Things took me to take a little journey in this world, I would like to share with you too.



Miniature world







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