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Turned to The Ice Town

Ardahan, like a ice town! www.milliyet.com.tr/Milliyet-Tv/video

The Siberian cold, which is effective in Ardahan, continues to affect life negatively. In the city where the temperature of the air has dropped to minus 28 degrees, the citizens are anxious from cold.

They say, “We are living the coldest November of the month in the city. Indeed, Ardahan is now freezing and very cold. ”

Ardahan is a city in northeastern Turkey, near the Georgian border.

Ardahan has a warm summer humid continental climate (Dfb) under the Köppen classification, bordering on an alpine subarctic (Dfc) climate under the Köppen classification, and a cool summer continental climate (Dcb) under the Trewartha classification, with warm and brief summers with cool nights and very cold winters. Like in other parts of Eastern Anatolia, the climate turns subalpine on the hillsides. Major cities and towns have been situated on lower elevations for milder climatic conditions, as much as possible, therefore the city and the main towns have less characteristics of subalpine climate in comparison to the province in general.

Winters are very snowy with snow cover lasting from late October to mid April. Although sometimes it snows in September and May, it usually doesn’t remain on the ground for long. On rare occasions it can even snow in summer months, especially early and late summer, such as the August 2013 incident. However strong snowfall was recorded even in July in the past. Average annual temperaure is 3.5 °C (38.3 °F). There average fourteen nights below −30 °C (−22.0 °F) each year, and on averageone night below −40 °C (−40.0 °F) in fourteen years. The highest recorded temperature was 35 °C (95.0 °F) on 29 August 1998. The lowest recorded temperature was −50.3 °C (−58.5 °F) on 14 January 1941. Average low January temperature since 1960s is −17.1 °C (1.2 °F).












History and Today

On both sides of the Bosphorus, historical mansions are still alive. They are being protected by some of laws. They are precious heritages of the history. Some of them are being used as a boutique hotel and some of them are museum, or restaurant.

Dolphins, they are welcoming to the ships…

My Love grew up in one of old mainsions. In his childhood stories, there is fish one, that they were catching them during winter, under the house, that was the houseboat… Another story is, he jumped to the sea for swimming from the windows… and he watched the big ships while they were passing…