4 thoughts on “Learning A New Pattern

  1. Knitting is so enjoyable thing, they are too complicated for me too 🙂 You can find so many videos on youtube, whatever you want to make. But when I find intteresting one I will remember you and share here. Thank you, Good Luck, Love, nia

  2. Sorry about the delay in responding to your answer. I was on a Christmas holiday. I just arrived home yesterday. I’m trying to catch up. Thank you for the YouTube suggestion. I hadn’t thought of it. I always think Y T is for music. : – )
    I’ve joined a knitting group. We meet once a week. I should be able to learn a lot from them. If I ever make anything that looks good I will post a photo.
    Have a wonderful New Year filled with more love than your heart can hold.
    May you and your family be healthy, happy and in peace. 🎄☃️🎉😍

  3. No problem dear Isadora. I am crazy with knitting or crochet, and really I can learn something from youtube videos, especially I learned how to crochet a sock. But be sure any time yo can ask me anything, I don’t know much but I can share my experiences and the infos. Good Luck and enjoyable time in your knitting group, I wished to be there too. There is not any group like that in here. Thank you, Happy knitting and Happy New Year! Love, nia

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