Actually, a ziggurat, to build on a raised area”) was a massive structure built in ancient . It had the form of a terraced step pyramid  of successively receding stories or levels. Ziggurats were built by the ancient  Sumerians.


By the way, I should add this, I am sure you all heard, Palmyra an ancient city (Unesco  World Heritage) has been destroyed again. The great ancient city resisted to the thousand years but can’t resist the evil of humans…

Anyway, what’s the main point about ziggurat in here,

I have just heard and being learning to this new knitting method, it is amazing.


You knit all in one!


3 thoughts on ““Ziggurat”

  1. did you know i was also interested in ancient mesopotamia? i have some things back at home – will tell you about these later. i worry about them at the moment because that place is not nearly warm enough for an ideal temperature

  2. Thank you dear Simon, as I read on newspapers, the bad people destroyed them again, they knocked down…I don’t want to talk about them, but Palmyra was a great ancient city. Thank you, Love, nia

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