What’s Wrong I Don’t Know!

World changes… people change… I can’t understand anymore,  people and their actions or their words… What was the wrong with me, I don’t know… But there is, no thanks, no appreciation,  nothing about my approaches or about my words… and about my simple ask or help. I really felt so sad. But more than this disappointed. I never thought of this.

What I am talking about, about this crazy pattern and my humble ask, help especially from  the designer of this pattern.

“When I saw Fox Paws knitting pattern, I fall in love. But I can’t make it. At least for now. I have been trying everyday but something goes wrong. I watched all the videos, and I learned the stacked decrease and increase but still what I knit is not same as yours. I am getting crazy with this pattern. In all my life, I haven’t been stubborn in doing knitting like today, I really need help, your advise and how to learn, be sure I will be so happy for this. This is my blog, actually I am mostly cat photographer but I love knitting.


Thank you so much, this is great pattern and who knitted I admire to all of them.
With my Love, nia”

And the reply to my ask, help,

“The best way to get help is from someone in your area who has had success. Does anyone in this threead live in your area?”

“Thank you for reply me, dear ….. , no one around me 🙂 But I am trying to learn from all your share in here and in your blog and also in your videos. I almost learned how to make stacked decrease and stacked increase… and also the oak leaf and star knittings too. Now, I try to learn chevron pattern and then, with all of them I will try to knit this fox paws… I hope I can make. But by this occasion I want to say this, you are amazing and creative designer, at first time in all my life I wanted to learn something even not easy, like that… I admire what you did. Thank you so much, Greetings and Love, nia”