About Knitting World

I am crazy with (you have already known this) cats…

and I am crazy with books, library,… (I am a reader)

and I am crazy with pencils and empty papers, notebooks…  (I am a writer/poet)

and I am crazy with YARNS…. I love them so much, so much… but I can’t say I am a good knitter… only I am on the way…

Dear Sandra, with her new post, fascinated me. And also inspired too. I should visit my yarn store too and maybe make a video in there…

What a beautiful event in there, Edinburg Yarn Festival! This was really so beautiful. And inspirational… yarns fascinated me. Next week I should visit my yarn store, I missed to be there.



Sandra, she is so nice and has amazing beautiful works, and I love her so much, you can guess why so much 🙂

Another beautiful thing is, yes, I am a member of Raverly! Actually I was, but almost forgot. One of my poet friends, dear Linda introduced me with this great knitting blog but in times, I didn’t make a real search and visit till to see this crazy Fox Paws knitting pattern. And yes, I started in there with having any idea  about the knitting events and patterns but I am already so excited, this is a great library and world… There are amazing knitters,


I feel myself as the beginning of a school now, but this pattern makes you think like that. Right now I am on the best way and I will learn…

Another exciting and nice blog that I keep following is,


There are amazing (first of all) photographs, fascinating me and also amazing knitting designs, projects, Kate is so nice and creative too.

What’s going on nia, knitting makes you change, is it being the first part of your life now?

Who knows… I started to see in my dreams… 🙂

Thank you for you all,

Have a nice weekend, Love, nia




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