Completed Projects / 1

Beginning in 2016/2017 and finished in January, 2018… I love knitting and crochet and also needle works too. But I am lazy I think…. can’t finish. I finish knitting but then I can’t make last touches and works… waiting in my uncompleted works basket!!!! But at last I did most of them. Still there are a few more too, a blanket, a vest, small blanket, cardigan, and shawl… most of them nearly finishing.. But I jump from one to another one… I am like that.. I don’t feel any press for them, at least I make for myself..

I can’t sit without doing anything at home… days for me with reading a book, writing, and knitting/crochet, etc. and also you know I have a very active/naughty kitten too!He has several little balls. He plays with them. He loses and then tries to find. When he can’t find any of them, he begins to cry, “Nia please find them!!!!”… Then we start to find all these little balls… Our home is small but details too many…. balls can be in anywhere…

İbiş also cries when he wants to jump in my arms… he doesn’t let me work or to do something… he wants me to be busy with him. He sleeps in my arms… and I really spoil him and I make what he wants…. without moving I read book with him in my arms…

Kitchen is our problem place!!!! How can I train him I really don’t know. But I started to do something. Obstinately I repeate “No!” He started to comprehend the differences of my voice while I am talking to him…. what’s wrong or what’s I don’t want or like, he started to learn… This is good. But I have to repeat every time, . does he forget or does he test me… 🙂 Anyway, about İbiş I can talk more but this post is not for him.

I wanted to share my finished projects,

First one is, it was my love’s sweater that I knitted several years ago. I pulled it, and made a new yarn and washed and made them dried. Then I started to knit… It was a crazy idea/project, but I did. I especially wanted to try to knit with round stick and starting from the top to the end…. Actually my first one wasn’t a good try, so I made again. Was it worthy to pull out and knit again… At least I enjoyed from every period of this project. and Not happened bad..

There were some yarns remained from other projects, I added them to this sweater.



And blue yarn didn’t finish (from my Love’s sweater) I also made a crochet vest too,




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